Vincenzo Danise

Danise, currently AFAM-Conservatory of Music Professor – at the age of nine he began his musical studies of classical piano, relying on the teaching of Miriam Longo, daughter of the distinguished Alessandro, discovered by Maestro Roberto De Simone, is admitted to the Conservatory “San Pietro a Majella” of Naples with an evaluation of 9/10. Parallel to a solid basic classical training, deriving from his studies at the Conservatory, he began studying jazz with his guitarist father. In 2005 he won a scholarship by participating in the Jazz Solo Piano Competition organized by Yamaha. ↪ In 2006 he made his name at the Chicco Bettinardi Competition, new talents of Italian jazz. 2009 wins the Waltex Jazz Competition for new Italian composers. Expands his musical interests by taking part in important seminars such as: In.J.Am studying with Danilo Perez, John Taylor, Eddie Gomez, Rufus Reid, Don Freedmann etc. in which, in addition to winning the first prize by the jury, it also wins the audience prize. In 2009 he won the Waltex Jazz Competition for new Italian composers, after which he published his first album “Immaginando un trio”.
He plays with: Massimo Manzi, Ares Tavolazzi, Renaud Garcia-Fons, Massimo Moriconi, Ivo Parlati, Aldo Vigorito, Sergio di Natale, Carlo Lomanto, Salvatore Tranchini, Pietro Condorelli, Antonio Onorato, Alberto D’Anna, Marco Zurzolo. record (2009):
Danise Imagining a Trio vol.1 Egea / Radar↪ In 2010
↪Teatro Quirino (Rome) Shaw Theater (London) Zion Arts (Manchester) Center Sesc Vila Mariana (San Paulo Brazil) Coliseo (Buenos Aires) Solis (montevideo).
↪Toruneè worldwide with Gaber’s comedy: the case of Alessandro and Maria directed by Luca Barbareschi, with Luca Barbeschi and Chiara Noschese, with music by Marco Zurzolo. advice to God
His musical horizons also range on the pop scene, interesting collaborations of 2003: Mike Francis, Ana Flora and Cristal W. (chorister of the famous Zucchero). In 2014 he proposes his music in all the Neapolitan squares, giving life to the tour: Danise on the road “This is the Naples I want !!!”, sponsored by Nunneri pianos Piazza Dante and many Neapolitan entrepreneurs, with the MORAL patronage of the Municipality of Naples.