Sossio Banda

Training of six professional musicians led and founded in 2008 in Gravina in Puglia (Ba), by saxophonist and composer Francesco Sossio Sacchetti. Their music comes from sounds of the Apulian Alta Murgia contaminated by multiple rhythms and suggestions, through the use of traditional and contemporary instruments.
The repertoire includes unpublished pieces and pieces of the Apulian tradition revisited and re-proposed with modern sensibility, characterized by an original and innovative sound.

In recent years the Band has represented Puglia and Italy in the main national and non-national World Music Festivals, including: Folkest, Sentieri Mediterranei, La notte della Taranta, Umbria Folk Festival, Adriatic Mediterranean Festival, Sete Sòis Sete Luas Festival (Spain , Portugal, Morocco and France), Alexandrina World Music Festival (Egypt), Intercentique Festival of Lorien (France) and many others and has received very prestigious prizes and awards, including the ANCI Award (National Association of Italian Municipalities) and the “Andrea Parodi” Award for the Italian World Music.

A musical formation unanimously appreciated by critics and audiences, the Sossio Banda is a group of Mediterranean music, ancient and mestizo at the same time. The Mediterranean, the sea in the middle of the land, has always separated the continents and together in its womb unites the civilizations that were born on its shores. In the Mediterranean the cardinal points have crossed and the border has always been the home of the coastal peoples. But what are borders made for if not to be crossed?

The Sossio Banda rediscovers the spirit of exploration of the Mediterranean musical culture, inherited from this continuous watching, exchanging, confronting each other between the different coasts of the sea. And celebrate the curiosity of discovery, experiencing the condition of Ulysses, who only through a long return home will he come to know the vastness of the world: but who is not satisfied with finding his own root, and takes it far away, guided by an irrepressible nostalgia for what he does not yet know.

Murgian music, the sound of earth and air that made the Sossio Banda grow, becomes the passport for a journey different from all the others … around the Mediterranean, aiming for the bow beyond the Pillars of Hercules.