QuartAumentata (Calabria)

A group committed to revitalizing the local vernacular linguistic tradition, enriching it musically with the sounds, melodies, atmospheres and rhythms that characterize World Music today, highlighting, from the point of view of the lyrics, also the conditions of life, the problems and hopes of the people of the South.

An artistic production framed in an original and easy-to-listen musical setting, the result of different influences in which rich local traditions easily coexist with stimuli and input coming from different musical latitudes.

They were born in 1998 from the union of talented musicians of the Locride who, filtering their respective tastes and their respective artistic experiences, managed to give the band an original and unmistakable sound.

In 2021 the new live will be released to celebrate 22 years of artistic activity.

info@italysona.com – +39 350 0901327 (voice and whatsapp)