The Parafoné musical collective, in business for 15 years now, represents one of the most active and innovative bands in southern Italy that faces the panorama of the new Italian world music. The recovery and revival of traditional Calabrian music project the group to the rediscovery of “sound brotherhoods” beyond the territorial boundaries, retracing the links with the history of a region full of contamination such as Calabria. The continuous search for sounds and shapes and the experimentation between past and future, gives life to an “own” expressive language, which involves both the new generations and the elderly players and singers, who recognize a common matrix between tradition and innovation. A sound, that of Parafoné, which projects a rich sonic treasure of the past to the ever more pressing musical future. – Candidacy to the Targhe Tenco 2016 for best album in dialect with the album “Amistà”. – Mention of the International Critics Jury at the 2016 Parodi Prize in Cagliari. There are several soundtracks for theatrical performances collaborating with various professional companies in Calabria including the company “Teatro del Carro” by Pino Michienzi, “Dracma experimental center of performing arts” by Andrea Naso and the comedian and stand-up comedian Rocco Barbaro. Music for the photographic story “Il Signor Sindaco” by Gianfranco Ferraro who participated in the International Architecture Exhibition of the Venice Biennale. Parafoné have been part of the staff of the OPC – Popular Calabrese Orchestra, whose projects have hosted artists of the caliber of Pierò Pelù, Simone Cristicchi and The Dhol Foundation. The collaboration with the Indian percussionist Rashmi Bhatt and with the young Egyptian singer Eslam Adamo is intense. On 29 November 2018, the Parafoné collective represented Calabria at the Principality of Monaco at the court of Prince Albert II during the Gala dinner of the “Week of Italian Food”.