Li Ucci Orkestra

Li Ucci Orkestra was born in 2013, on the occasion of the third edition of LI UCCI FESTIVAL, with a conception more of an enlarged band than an orchestra, where there is no teacher, but everyone is also involved in the arrangements. There are guidelines to follow, a repertoire that is fixed on the songs that Li Ucci carried around in the squares and at parties in the farm. (“Li Ucci” was the historic group based in Cutrofiano where the voices of Uccio Aloisi, Uccio Bandello and Narduccio Vergaro stood out, keeper of the stornelli and other popular songs).
Li Ucci Orkestra uses traditional folk instruments (guitars, tambureddhri, accordion, etc.) that meet those of the band tradition (such as bass tuba, trumpet, trombone, transverse flute, sax).
The two musical traditions (that of the popular genre and that of bands) find an outlet and merge to create a single formation, a true extended band “clashing” peacefully with other genres such as classical music or other Mediterranean influences.