I Lautari (sicilia)

The Lautari are all multi-instrumentalists and singers with long experience whose approach to music is
essentially acoustic, with particular attention to the sound of traditional instruments:
mandolin, mandola, mandoloncello, classical guitar, acoustic guitar, double bass,
accordion, accordion, clarinet, piva, flutes and percussion.
They collaborate in the theater with artists and directors of great depth such as Pino Micol, Gabriele Lavia, Giorgio Albertazzi,
Armando Pugliese, Peppe Barra, and participate in prestigious exhibitions such as the Tenco e
Arezzo Wave.
In 2004 they began to collaborate with Due Parole – Narciso Records, a Catania label founded
by Carmen Consoli.

The group participates in other events, such as the 10th edition of the
Astimusica review, together with Alfio Antico, the Mantova Musica Festival and the Musicultura Festival
at the Italian Embassy in France (Chambery).
Music, folklore and tradition come together in the scenario of Kals Art in Palermo, where the Lautari are
exhibit, and in Turkey, in Ankara, in a suggestive contamination of different cultures and ethnic groups.
In 2006 they took part in the creation of Carmen Consoli’s album “Eva contro Eva”.

On July 15, 2006 they successfully participate in Womad (World Of Music Art and Dance), the festival
world tour founded by Peter Gabriel. The concert takes place in the enchanting Greek Theater of
Taormina and the event consecrates the artistic and musical value of the group. The month of July closes for them with a prestigious one
collaboration on Goran Bregovic’s new album, Karmen (With a happy end), which contains the
Focu di raggia piece, written by Lautari.

In October the band takes part at the Rome Auditorium at an event that is part of the larger project “Ancient music of
new millennium ”, whose artistic direction, entrusted to Carmen Consoli, aims to bring together in one
show with several voices the different experiences of the Sicilian tradition.

In 2012 they return with a new album of eleven tracks, “C’era cu c’era”, candidate for the Targhe

In the summer of 2017 they are among the protagonists of the “TRI” project with Alfio Antico and Rita Botto, who
arrives at the Umbria folk festival in Orvieto; to mention the participation in the “Taranta Sicily Fest”
of Scicli, at the Folk Fest of Frazzanò and the concert held at the Benedictine Monastery for the thirty years of
They are invited by the Italian Cultural Institute in Osaka, Japan, where they hold a concert at
the Knowledge Theater.
In 2021 “fora tempu” produced by italysona is released

info@italysona.com – +39 350 0901327 (voice and whatsapp)