Lamorivostri (Roma – Napoli – Sud)

Three different female voices, three different ways of being artistes
and three different approaches to the world of traditional music, ranging from Italian singer-songwriting to the spirit
of gypsy and folk music, as well as original compositions. In their first record Rosabella (released in 2015) and in the
following concerts the trio (whose first names Lavinia, Monica and Rita make up the name of Lamorivostri) devoted
themselves to a traditional repertoire, combining their artistic experiences to give life to an intense and original musical
journey. Their creativity was expressed in adventurous new forms, combining old traditions and modern musical contamination
in a highly original approach.
This is an exciting musical project for three women who bring all the poetry of the ancient folk tradition back to life, a
project in which Monica’s mother Rosabella Harbreshe di Sicilia represents a young girl who is already old enough
to love like the tragic Italian folk heroine Cecilia, like the ill-fated 16th century Sicilian Baroness of Carini, like an expectant
young bride waiting for the love that will arrive, or like someone suffering for a love that has been lost. The
sense of freedom of all these women is the essential inspiration for this ongoing musical project.
The recording and project of Rosabella was presented at the Auditorium Parco della Musica of Rome.
It was nominated for the 2015 Tenco Prize for the Best Album in Dialect, as well as for the 2016 Alberto Cesa Award
at the Folkest international folk festival and the 2016 Andrea Parodi Award.
The new record Teresa di mare, containing more songs of women and freedom, will be released in the Spring of 2017.

LAVINIA MANCUSI Lavinia is a very talented singer whose career began in collaboration with Nando Citarella. She
has performed as a soloist in the Takadum Orchestra and in the Med Free Orchestra. Thanks to her solo record Semilla
(2013) she became one of the most highly appreciated voices in the Roman musical panorama. She has been active
in Italy and abroad, performing on tour with Alessandro Mannarino since 2016.

MONICA NERI Monica is a composer and multi-instrumentalist, who is devoted to research in the field of folk music
and oral traditions in central and southern Italy (particularly the regions of Lazio, Calabria, Puglia, Campania and Sicilia).
Monica studied harmony and jazz at the Stanislao Giacomoantonio conservatory of Cosenza and she performed regularly
in Italy and abroad with Ambrogio Sparagna until 2012. She has played with the Notte della Taranta orchestra of
Melpignano and with the Italian folk orchestra of the Parco della Musica of Rome.

RITA TUMMINIA Rita is the solo accordion player for Acquaragia drom, one of the most long-standing groups in the
Italian folk scene. She is deeply committed to the study of the gypsy repertoire and the Balkan musical traditions,
which have allowed her to perfect and adapt her technical skills as a performer. She has collaborated with Nando Citarella,
the American gypsy punk band Gogol Bordello and the Italian singer-songwriter Piero Pelù, lead-man of the
band Litfiba.
Since 2013 she collaborates with the neapolitan performer Camillo De Felice and in 2015 are invited to France, from
the University of Poitiers, to hold a conference theatrical music about Pulcinella betwin mistery and history.
In 2016 she musically accompanies the actress Lucia Poli in Animalesse that was part of the theater show A room for her.
In 2017 her latest record production Rebelde came out; among the guests: Alessandro Mannarino, Tonino Carotone,
Mimmo Epifani. – +39 350 0901327 (voice and whatsapp)