The beginning of a new project that sucks the roots in the traditional music of south Italy

e through the sounds of the world and electronics. Folkatomikis a new player on the global

sound folktronica scene. Established in Turin (Italy) in 2019. The evocative and archaic sounds of

traditional instruments, the obsessive cadences and cathartic of dance rhythms, combined with

the colors and depth of sounds electronic, create a fresh and contemporary language, but with

strong and robust roots. The acoustic instruments used in the songs and interacting with the

electronics are traditional instruments from Southern Italy and the world: frame drums, tambourines,

Arab, Latin and African percussion. Portuguese guitars, Cuban très, charango,

greek bouzouki and mandolin. Arabic, Turkish, Irish and Andean flutes, Sicilian friscaletti

and harmonic flutes, marranzani and minor percussions. The sounds start from Southern Italy to

get to embrace a more Mediterranean large and to which the South culturally belongs. Folkatomik

plays with several musical languages inspired by places, peoples, events and people from

all over the world for create a musical hybrid that is the son of the cultural hybrid of Turin,

his hometown of the band.