Ciccio Nucera

Ciccio Nucera, the “reuccio” of the Calabrese tarantella!
The artist from Reggio has always been a point of reference in the area for his active role in the promotion and enhancement of his own culture. The movements in teaching traditional dances and the tambourine and accordion techniques make him an almost unique character capable of transmitting all his energy especially on stage. “The tarantella is addictive”: this is his famous motto that has been shared over time by all his fans.
For over 20 years it has been part of the Cumelca Association, committed to safeguarding the language, traditions, customs and traditions of the Greek community. In fact, Nucera stands out, in the regional panorama, for being a key figure for some time in building relations with Greece and in favoring cultural twinning between institutions and communities around the world.
Many experiences that have made him famous to the general public: radio and television broadcasts, both in Italy and in Greece (“Green Line”, Geo and geo “,” Live life “,” Festa italiana “), the direction of the Paleariza Festival, participation in the historic “Tarantella Power” of Caulonia and many other reviews in Calabria and beyond. Nucera also boasts collaborations with artists such as Phaleg, Eugenio Bennato, Carlos Nugnez, Tony Esposito, Ettore Castagna, Mimmo Cavallaro, Antonio Grosso, Francesco Loccisano, Quartaumentata, Parafonè and many others.
When he takes the stage, tradition becomes a great show, overwhelming and full of rhythm over two hours of music, dance and joy. In addition to his historical band, at his side on the same stage the inseparable DAVIS MUCCARI, PEPPE SAPONE and PAOLO PAVIGLIANITI.