Calabria Orchestra

Born in 2017 and realized in 2018, the spirit and founding idea of ​​the ensemble is to put itself at the service of the southern territory by enhancing its culture, a collective that works for “made in Calabria” music trying to unite, involve and disseminate non only the culture of the south but the artists and their ideas.

Tradition and improvisation. These are the guidelines of this first work. Traditions are expressed in each song present on the grooves of the vinyl. Each performance refers to ancestral flavors and traditional sounds. Improvisation has always been a fundamental part of traditions, African and Arab sounds, jazz, rock, tarantella, air songs, work songs, love songs. These two lines converge in the main idea that has moved all the work of the Calabria Orchestra, namely the integration of different musicians and musical languages.

Directed by M ° Checco Pallone, the Calabria Orchestra, born from the collaboration between the Conservatory of Cosenza, the Radicamenti festival and Calabria Sona, is made up of 19 fixed elements all selected from the best musical realities of our region among professionals, identity and folk players , young musicians and dancers, and jazz instruments blended with those of the popular tradition, Mediterranean rhythms fused with the tarantella, warm and passionate voices flanked by guitars of all kinds. Overwhelming rhythms, Mediterranean sounds and a passion for Calabrian music.