Elettro Mascarimiri

A new Mascarimirì project comes out: Elettro Mascarimirì – Music For Dancing, where Salento music changes its path. 

From music for traditional parties it moves to much more innovative clubs and events, using the Sound System as a language for dancing, in the spirit of the circularity that binds “lu Tamburreddhu Salentino” (Salentino frame drum), Vinyl and the CD of nowdays. 

The project born during the 2020 pandemic from the nostalgy of making people dance: 

Claudio “Cavallo” Giagnotti decided to create his own music to play during his DJ live sets and parties organized by him, to release the free spirit of dance – this simply creating MUSIC FOR DANCING – an entire album of songs capable of making people dance on all longitudes. 

ELETTRO MASCARIMIRI is the result of a sound research by Claudio “Cavallo” Giagnotti based on Mediterranean rhythms wisely combined with modern sounds to create an album with an international flavor, with the ability to make the public dance in every corner of the world. 

ELETTRO MASCARIMIRI is a world of sounds that meets, in addition to the music of southern Italy that exchanges with other cultures of the world music: from Balkan to South America (Cumbia, Forrò, Calypso), from the Middle East (Syria, Lebanon, Jordan) to the south of France and Spain finishing in Gitanistan “the worlds of international Roma music” – all this thought electro-live, to make dance and continue an ancestral ritual that only the rhythms of traditional music preserve. 

ELETTRO MASCARIMIRI was born from the idea of Claudio “Cavallo” Giagnotti, Salento musician-producer of Roma origins and co-founder of Dilinò “center of Alternative and Mediterranean Music from 2002 to 2019 and today artistic director of Arra Produzioni Mediterranee, an artist who from the first 90s changed the sound of Pizzica Pizzica Salentina by remixing it and innovating it, creating grooves to dance to. 

His first remixes and works are from the late 90s, later included in the first album Taranta Trance produced with the Alpha Bass collective, collaborations on Tecno Pizzica projects, directed by Piero Fumarola and George Lapassad, Taranta Virus and Giro di Banda directed by Cesare Dell’Anna, up to the publication with the Mascarimiri of Triciu Remix and Pizzica in Dance Hall Party tribute to the great researchers who came to Salento, from Alan Lomax to Diego Carpitella and international collaborations with Dj Click Parisian dj producer and Papet J of Massilia Sound System , Suggs McPherson (Madness). 

The album includes textes in: Salento dialect, French, English, Arabic and Polish.

Biography and latest works 

MASCARIMIRI (Salento-Puglia Italy) – a gem of the world music scene, able of shining not only in the Italian contect but also into the international one. This is thanks to the unique and original sound, the result of more than 20 years of “Tradinnovation” – the idea of electro world music par excellence created by Claudio “Cavallo” Giagnotti, musician producer from Salento with Roma origins, leader and founder of the band since 1998. 

The band from Salento has been confirming its high concert level activity for years by performing on stages not only in Europe but also worldwide, to mention only in 2019 the participation in SXSW Austin (USA) and in China in Beijing at the Italian National Day. 

To underline the regular tours in Italy, France and Poland – the countries with which the group has been in close contact with the public for years, bringing its Tradinnovazione beyond to festivals and theaters, to radio and TV. 

Over the years the band has participated in the most important international World Music expo: Womex – Womex Off Salonicco (GR) showcase, Medimex Bari showcase, Fira de Manresa- Maresa (Spain) showcase 2006-2018; Visa For Music Rabat (Morocco) Babel Med Marseille (FR). 

The band has differentiated itself in an intense work of musical productions: Gitanistan 2011 – Tam! 2014 – Pizzica Dance Hall Party 2016 – Punk D’amore 2017 – works that have seen important collaborations including: Manu Theron (Lo cor de La Plana), Dj Click, Papet J (Massilia Sound System), Suggs McPherson (Madness). 

In 2014 the band worked on the music for the film “Gitanistan – the imaginary state of Roma families – Salentine”, a documentary on Roma-Salentine families, produced by Dilinò and Maxmar Coop, which for three years remains programmed on Sky Arte, now avalaible on Amazon Vidoe, level and participates in the television series “Italy on the road” – project produced by Joe Bastianich. 

In addition, Mascarimirì create the original songs for the film “Taranta on the road” directed by Salvatore Allocca. 

In 2020 they release the new album NOU in the middle of the Covid 19 pandemic? for ARRA Produzioni realizing the video clip of the song Mareina and the live in studio for the Folk Unlocked festival online, organized by Folk Alliance International (USA) 

Over the years, Claudio Giagnotti’s ethnographic research on the Tamburreddhu – the native Salento drum – also continues, from which a series of Salento drums made by the manufacturer Biagio Panico and a documentary film “Tamburreddhu – Salento Sound Resistance”, published in July 2020 

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